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Replacement Sponge Insert (3x6)

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NOTE: The Fischer requires a prescription before it can be shipped. Prescriptions can be emailed to or faxed to (805) 334-3424

Image of the underarm sponge used in the MD iontophoresis device
Replacement Sponge Insert (3x6)

Effective in the treatment of axillae hyperhidrosis, this replacement sponge insert is specifically designed to fit the 12-0019 model wet sponge pad which can be used on the MD-1a or MD-2 Galvanic iontophoresis units.

Specifications: 3” x 6”

Image of the underarm sponge used in the MD iontophoresis device

The World’s 1st Metal-Free Iontophoresis Device

The Fischer

The Fischer is prescribed for Palmar, Plantar, and Axillary Hyperhidrosis patients struggling with excessive sweating. Produced by RA Fischer Co., the original name in iontophoresis since the 1950s, the new Fischer device is truly remarkable. Silicone-graphite electrodes replace metal plates and eliminate relacement cost. Plus, patients can even treat both hands and both feet at the same time, cutting session durations in half.


The Fischer’s new silicone-graphite pads do not corrode like traditional metal electrode plates, which become less effective over time and need to be replaced frequently.


With The Fischer’s ATD, watch as a bar graph shows you in real-time as power ramps up and down during your treatment.


It’s easier than you think! The Fischer’s 3-button interface is user-friendly, with a one-touch memory that recalls your previous treatment’s settings.

Modern Iontophoresis For Today

You Could Be Sweating Less — In Less Than A Month!

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