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Collection cover image for the Hyperhidrosis collection on Fischer Medical Supply. Features the main control unit of the Fischer iontophoresis device on a blue and white decorative background


(excessive sweating)

Learn more about solutions for sweaty hands, feet, and underarms.

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(Bathroom accidents)

Learn more about solutions like the Purewick for managing incontience.

Collection cover image for the Urinary Retention collection on Fischer Medical Supply. Features multiple blue and white Cure Catheters on a blue and white decorative background

Urinary Retention

(Trouble peeing)

Learn more about the different styles of catheters for better bladder health.



By using the PureWick™ System, my patients have experienced better sleep. It also allows their caregivers and family members to have better sleep since they are not having to get up multiple times overnight to assist their loved ones with going to the restroom and with changing wet incontinence garments.

| BD

I am so pleased with the PureWick™ System. No more sheets and towels to wash every day. Thank you, PureWick.

| BD

I believe that the PureWick™ System for home use is a wonderful thing, and I recommend the PureWick™ System in the home care setting for those females who suffer from urinary incontinence.

| BD

My mom and I are so grateful for the PureWick™ System. As a caregiver, it provides me a lot of peace of mind especially when my mom uses the System overnight."

| BD

After surgery in April, I have been bedridden. To be able to stay in bed and not wear any incontinence pads has been wonderful.

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It has reduced nighttime trips to the bathroom and allowed better sleep.

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The Purewick

Trusted in over 2,000 hospitals

A non-invasive solution for managing urinary incontinence, improving quality of life for both patients and caretakers.



Very glad I purchase this device! I am dry in my hands and feet after just 2 weeks of treatment. Appreciated the fast communication and help with the treatment. Dan was very kind enough to advice me on what to do when my left hand was completely dry but the rest wasn’t. I would highly recommend the device and the customer service is excellent. They will help you get the treatment you needed!

Nigel C.

Great product and exceptional customer serviceGreat product and exceptional customer service. I had EXTREME hyperhidrosis in hands and feet, so it took a month or so, but now it's down to nothing. I just use the machine once a week.

Roger M.

Should have chosen iontophoresis long time agoI was lost for alternatives for sweat control. Finally I learned about sweat control through iontophoresis. I currently use the (The Fischer) device for my hands and feet. Two weeks into treatment, I am looking for hydration than trying to rid of it. Also love The Fischer device as it is easy to use solo without assistance from another person.

Jean E.

the fischer


A fast, safe, and effective solutions for hyperhidrosis patients struggling with sweaty hands, feet, and underarms.


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98% success rate with The Fischer iontophoresis device.

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